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A January Getaway to Recover From Holiday Madness

holidaymadness-2My wife and I had two-weeks off over Christmas and the New Year – it was fun and very busy. We were out every night the five days leading up to the big event, then had family staying with us for a few days, then went to friends for a few days leading up to the second big event; New Year’s Eve. Phew! Come January 2nd we were exhausted and had just one day to recover before heading back to work. I know we’re not alone; for many people the holiday season is crazy busy and leaves them feeling like they need a real break. Read the rest of this entry »


Laughter – the Best Medicine

duck-group3Staying in an Accent Inn has always made me smile; the company’s sense of humour shows itself in lots of small ways, such as pens with messages such as “don’t forget to take me when you leave,” to rubber ducks in a variety of guises including a chef, a jazz dude duck, a biker and a cyclist, a lady duck in curlers, a skateboarder, a basketball player, a hockey player, a footballer, a pirate and even a snorkeler. Read the rest of this entry »


3 New Year’s Resolutions We’d All Benefit From

JanuaryI’ve been contributing to the Accent Inns blog since October 2014, and have written over 100 posts on a mind-blowing range of topics. It got me thinking about the looming New Year recently; I love starting a fresh new year – it’s like rubbing the slate clean and beginning again. The problem I have is I tend to make resolutions and not keep them – sound familiar? Read the rest of this entry »


Fat Boys and Cycling in the Snow

fat-bikeNo, I’m not being rude or insensitive, I’m talking about those bikes with big fat tires that are becoming increasingly popular – fat bikes, or fatties. I was looking out my office window the other day at snow, which is a little like hen’s teeth in Victoria – the last time we saw snow was two and a half years ago (just saying – sorry) – and wondered whether it would stop all those diehard cyclists and mountain bikers out there. It was then I remembered seeing a Fat Bike on the Russ Hay’s website when writing another post on new bikes and Accent Inns’ love of people who ride bikes. That got me thinking about what fun it would be to ride bikes in the snow – something I certainly have never done, and I doubt few of my readers have either! Read the rest of this entry »


Christmas Lights – From Candles to LED

7-light-retro-christmas-bubble-lightWhen I was very young my parents always made a big deal out of Christmas and my father brought home the biggest tree he could find. As we lived in England and at that time didn’t own a car, he’d have to bring it home by bus and train. This was all fine until one year the tree was so big he couldn’t get it in the train and when the doors closed the top foot of the tree was trapped outside. The journey wasn’t kind to it and when he got home he had to saw the top off – it looked a sorry sight indeed! Read the rest of this entry »


Hotels and the Holiday Season

sofa-bedEarlier this year I was thinking about Christmas and wondering whether this year we should invite people to stay with us, or go and visit friends and family who have invited us to spend the holiday season with them. Or even escape it altogether and fly off to somewhere hot and sunny. Read the rest of this entry »


Mandy Farmer honoured as Hotelier of the Year

Dec. 12, 2016, Victoria, BC – Mandy Farmer, president & CEO of Accent Inns, has been recognized as Hotelier of the Year by the Pinnacle Awards, an accolade that recognizes her decades of work within Canada’s tourism industry.

Highlights from Farmer’s career include a commitment to the family-business, innovation through customer promotions and staff programs, rebelling against the ordinary through the creation of the Hotel Zed brand, and support of her local Victoria community and through charities that operate throughout the province.

Read the rest of this entry »


Fishing for a Christmas Present?

author-with-chinook-salmon-with-santa-hatAt Accent Inns we know many of our regular guests are also fishing enthusiasts. To that end we are thrilled to offer some great Christmas gift ideas from our friend Larry at Island Fisherman magazine.

What would I like for Christmas? What a great thought for a salmon and trout fisherman who also loves fly fishing…. Read the rest of this entry »


Spare room’ for Christmas

family-at-the-doorNo renovations necessary as Accent Inns offers ‘instant spare room’ for Christmas
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day rates offer affordable alternative for out-of-town visitors

Nov. 28, 2016, Victoria, BC – This Christmas, Accent Inns is providing an instant spare room for families, offering the perfect solution for those unexpected guests or the relatives that people may just want to keep apart.

This solution means that people don’t need to renovate, decorate or build, they simple just need to use Accent Inns as their “spare room” of convenience. Read the rest of this entry »


My 5 Favourite Business Travel Apps

tripitTravel has become increasingly a pain in the rear end; just the other day some friends told me about their recent trip to Hawaii where just about everything went wrong. They thought they had planned everything perfectly, but all it took was two-hours trying to get through security in Seattle to throw a wrench into their well-laid plans. Missed flights ensued and they ended up having to make a detour to Maui before finally arriving a day late at their hotel on the Big Island.

This got me thinking about whether there are any good business travel apps – after all there always seems to be “an app for that” – lo and behold I discovered dozens and dozens of the little beggars! Read the rest of this entry »

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